I’m running for Zone 5 WBCSD#83 Board Trustee because I value Representative government, Parental rights and Fiscal Accountability

I am the most qualified to fill this seat, as I have been actively following the district finances and meetings since the March 2019 Levy vote. I have been speaking up at board meetings since 2021. I’ve investigated public records, financial reports, board policy, and have followed political activities in our district.

I see the need for three key changes to be made, to stop our district’s spiral into the broken system it has become:

  • We need to return to the representative government that was intended in the framing of our constitution. As trustee I will listen to the voices of the people, especially those of the people who reside in Zone 5, whom I will be representing.
  • We need to uphold Parental rights in the board’s decision-making process. Parents have the ultimate say over their child’s medical decisions and safety in our schools. Parents need to be a part of the process in choosing student curriculum. We need to bring parental trust and community support back to our district.
  • We need to require the Administration and District Management to follow the Policies of this District and Idaho Code, especially when it comes to Financial and Accounting practices. This will result in the transparency and accountability that the Taxpayers deserve, and are demanding.