Can You Trust Your School District?


I will restore trust in our School District.

Trust needs to be restored in our School District.

  • Low Test scores and Educational outcomes are concerning to the entire community.
  • I will fight against Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory, and unscientific gender ideology being taught to the students.
  • Bullying and other abuses have been problems for decades. Parents do not want their child coming home in tears because they were bullied, and their teacher ignored or chose not to deal with the problem.
  • Parents don’t want to be told their child has to have a vaccination or wear a mask all day at school in order to attend. Parents have the sole right to make medical decisions for their child.
  • District enrollment is down from 1,433 in 2009 to about 1,000 now. This decline continues because the previous school administrators and boards stopped listening to the concerns of parents. Numerous parents have pulled their kids out of this district due to educational and safety concerns. If parents can start trusting those in charge, district enrollment will grow again.
  • Zones 3 and 5 were instrumental in voting down the levy in May. They demand that an audit be performed before giving more money to a broken system.

     What Everyone in WBCSD Needs to Know Before Voting on the Proposed Levy

  • A long-standing lack of transparency in accounting and reporting makes a complete forensic audit necessary.
  • We have good policies in place that have been ignored and broken by the prior school boards and district staff. This must be stopped. The board and Staff must be held accountable to the standards and policies in place.
  • Trustees need to communicate well with their constituents and listen to the concerns of the parents and taxpayers they represent.